02 October 2017

Hoopla Over Hygge

Hi Everyone! Have you heard of the word "hygge"? I first learned it early this year and read more about it from this book:

It's written by Meik Wiking who works at the Happiness Research Institute 
(I didn't know such organization existed and he must have a really satisfying job!).

"Hygge" is pronounced "Hoo-ga". It finds its origins in a Norwegian word that means "well-being". The other ways to desribe it:
  • the art of creating intimacy
  • coziness of the soul
  • the absence of annoyance
  • taking pleasure from the presence of everyday things
  • cozy togetherness
It's about being with the people that we love. It's a feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe and sheltered from the world. It allows ourselves to let our guard down.

And here is how to achieve it:

With these descriptions alone, I'm all in. 

Tommorow I'll show you how I've incorporated hygge into my life. See ya then!


  1. I'm all for it... all but the "turn down the lights" bit. I crave brightness and sunshine. Candlelight "atmosphere" just makes me sleepy! Personally speaking, gratitude is number one.

  2. "Hoo Ga"? Oh no, I've been pronouncing it wrong!


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