03 October 2017

Hygge at Home

I'm happy that you came over!

Yesterday, I waxed poetic about a Nordic concept called HYGGE.

Hygge is being cozy, feeling safe, and taking pleasure in the simple things in life. And in this hectic and chaotic world we live in, who doesn't want that?

I've fallen in love with HYGGE and here's how I've added it to my life:

Homes are the HYGGE headquarters. So I made myself a hyggerkrog or "a place in the room where you come to snuggle up with a blanket, with a book and a cup of tea."

Mine is a little corner with a sleek reading light, a side table, a comfortable chair that my husband and I bought when we were newly married, and a recently purchased ottoman. I "feathered the nest" with pillows and throws in neutral colors. 

This is where I start my day with meditation and prayer. At night, I love to sit here and read with only the reading light and a collection of candles:

It's said that, "there is no faster way to get HYGGE than to light a few candles". When they're lit, the glow and faint floral scent eases me into relaxation.

Being in nature, like going on hikes, is truly HYGGE. Bringing nature indoors is another option.  

I like browsing flea markets and I've taken home some vintage finds like these records that I listen to every now and then. It's affirming that this hobby of mine is considered HYGGE: "One can find everything one needs to create a lovely home in a vintage store, and the fact that all the things there have a history makes them even more interesting and hyggelig."

This blue cup and saucer are also a vintage find! I found it at the Country Living Fair

Treating yourself with cakes, pastries, chocolate, and comfort food are also high on the HYGGE list.

I also have my favorite things close by like books, photos, old letters and handmade crafts.

Because, really, HYGGE is making the most out of the moment and all its pleasures.

In case you want to learn more about HYGGE, here are a few books that I would recommend:

See you next week!

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  1. I like to put my feet up when I read. Your thick, furry ottoman looks so inviting. I like your various teacups, too. A pretty mug or cup makes coffee and tea taste that much better. In fact, I purposely got rid of my sad cups so I could enjoy my cups of coffee even more.


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