27 November 2017

An Advent Calendar

Well hello there! Today, some photo inspirations for the coming holiday:

An Advent Calendar wall hanging!

And an Advent Calendar pillow! I think these are both darling. 

If you're not familiar, an Advent Calendar is used to count down the days before Christmas. There are 24 little pockets where you can hide a gift like a toy or candy. Or to make the season less about material presents, why not put in notes to encourage giving or starting family traditions. For example:
  • Make a donation to your favorite charity
  • Listen to Christmas carols
  • Bake cookies
  • Write a holiday card to a friend abroad
  • Make handmade ornaments
  • Send candy to service men and women who keep us safe
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Watch a movie about the holidays
  • Attend the tree lighting event in your town
  • Give to Toys for Tots

This is getting me excited for Christmas. TADA!


  1. That pillow is a totally different take on the usual advent calendar... like it! And I like your ideas for the pockets. (Have already done - or are planning to do - five of the items on your list!)

  2. I've never seen a wall hanging, pocket version of an advent calendar. Looks cool. I made one once out of baby mittens strung on a ribbon. I simply glued numbers to the front of each mitten. We used-stored-used-stored that thing until it fell apart. Advent calendars are fun!

    1. A baby mittens advent calendar! That's a great idea, Priscilla! What a nice heirloom piece :)


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