13 November 2017

The Giving Plate

I was at one of my favorite gift shops when I saw this:

It's The Giving Plate and it has this inscription: 

"This plate is for everyone to give love and kindness away. Let its gift bring joy and comfort while it's with you this day. Cherish the precious memories made with your family and your friends, then pass it on to someone else so its giving never ends."

It was my first time to see one and I thought it was such a TADA! idea. It's a plate that you bring to a potluck with something you made (like a roast chicken, a meatloaf or a bundt cake). You leave the plate with the party host for her to keep. When she is invited to another potluck, she'll use this plate to serve her dish.  She leaves the plate with the party host to continue the cycle.

It's encouraged that the back of the plate is signed (with the name and the date, and even the dish) with a permanent marker to track where the plate has travelled. 

You can find plates like this on Etsy. I also found these cute ones as inspiration if you want to make your own using this technique.

Image result for the giving plate

Image result for the giving plate

It's a nice tradition to start now that the holidays are just around the corner. Enjoy your week!


  1. Lovely idea. Although - truth be told - I was anticipating that you would have whipped up your own plate to show us! :-D

  2. Hi Rochelle! That's a good idea! I'll use these as inspiration :)

  3. I've never seen one of these, what a fun idea. Rochelle is right. You could do one of your own and post the result before you pass it off (with cookies!) as a gift to one of your friends.

    1. Isn’t it cool, Priscilla? This will be on my “Things to make” list for sure. ;) Thanks dear!


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