20 November 2017

Nifty Napkin Rings

The holidays are just around the corner and here's a craft that will turn your dinner table from blah to TADA!

Let's make some napkin rings! Most likely, everything we need, you already have.

First up, cardboard boxes. Simply cut these into letter O's. 

Second on the list is yarn (I found these in a garage sale).

Wind the yarn around the cardboard ring, securing the ends with hot glue.

You can opt to use a single color around the ring or use a combination of two or three colors.

Make a tassel with more yarn and attach it to the ring.

The color combinations might be a little a odd but I think they're unexpected.

Make a napkin holder for each of your guests and you can give them away as a party favor at the end of the evening. TADA!


  1. Cute, unique, and affordable napkin rings! It’d be a great way to use up leftover yarn from other projects, too. Thanks for posting!


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