04 March 2019

Coffee-Inspired Crafts

I think you'll agree that many of us can't start a day without a cup of coffee. It's a necessity. 

It's coffee that inspired today's blah to TADA! transformations.

I saved this disposable cup from a coffee run and cleaned it up.

While keeping the eye-catching bull's eye, I used it as a canvas for some abstract art...TADA! 

Here's an idea from the archives. Dress up a cardboard coffee sleeve to "wrap" a reusable coffee tumbler when giving it as a gift...TADA!

Another one from the archives: a coffee sleeve made from an old t-shirt...TADA! If you like to knit or crochet, you can make something similar using yarn in your favorite color. It's perfect to keep reusing!

This is a greeting card that I found at a drug store. I found it so cute -- look at the tiny box of doughnuts and that adorable cup of coffee! I'll use this photo for reference...maybe I can make something similar with a match box, scrap cardboard, paint, and glitter.  

Here's an idea for a coffee-loving friend:

Give him or her a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and wrap it in a "To-Go cup".  

It's a quick craft made from card stock, cardboard, scissors, and glue.

I also used paint, rubber stamps, and an ink pad to decorate the To-Go cup "sleeve".

I folded the card stock in half, trimmed the edges to look like a cup, attached the gift card with tape, and wrote a short message.   

I glued on the sleeve and the lid (both made from cardboard) and it's ready to give away...TADA!

Cheers coffee lovers...have an awesome week!


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