08 April 2019

Greeting Cards for Travel

What are the odd things you like to take with you when you travel? 

I like to bring stationery with me.  And I pack it in this little kit...TADA! 

The sleeve was once home to notecards. I saved it because it's clear (to easily spot its contents), compact (carries what I need), and the plastic material protects all the paper inside. 

Here are some of the cards that I included in my kit:

Thank you cards to express appreciation to hosts and other gracious people I meet while traveling.

Personalized cards for an extra special touch.

Blank cards that can easily turn into "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations" or "I'm thinking of you" greeting cards.

I included a favorite writing pen and some envelope seals.

A glue pen (to close the envelopes) and some postage stamps are handy, too.

Pack everything up and add it to your suitcase.

Pack A Letter Writing Kit whenever you travel
With a kit like this, it's easy to keep in touch the old school way wherever you are in the world...TADA!


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