12 August 2019

Ribbon Embroidery

Hello! My cousin and her family came to visit and she gave me a most adorable gift:

It's a set of boxed cards decorated with ribbon embroidery.

They are made by a group in the Philippines called Martha and Mary's Garden of Hope where women are taught livelihood skills to better their future. Gradually, these women's lives are turned from blah to TADA!

The set included 5 cards and matching envelopes. 

Here are the cards up close:

Aren't they sweet? The women captured every little detail like the flick of the petal, the colorful stigma, and the delicate buds.

The cards are blank inside -- lots of room to jot down thoughts and wishes!

It's something that's a joy to give and receive!

And speaking of ribbon embroidery, here is a short tutorial from a post many, many years ago

I am all for learning new skills, crafts for a cause, and empowering women. TADA!


  1. I tried ribbon embroidery once. It didn't look good. I think thread embroidery is much easier. I am so impressed by the embroidered cards, beautiful!

    1. Hi Priscilla! Hooray for trying ribbon embroidery. It does take lots of patience :) Have a good week!


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