20 May 2010

Ribbon Art

These past two weeks, I've been doing some blah to TADA! crafts based on this book:

I also had the chance to go to the book launch
called Stitch Fest in New York City,
where I found the cutest display:

Flowers made out of ribbons!

This technique is called ribbon embroidery.
I really liked how they turned out so
I had to try it myself:

I got myself some blah fabric scraps.

Then embroidered away using pink ribbon.
{You'll need some force to tug the ribbon through the cloth}

I also used some thread since I
had no green & yellow ribbon on hand.

TADA! I made this all by myself!

I put it in a frame to decorate the hallway.

I think it makes a nice gift to someone you'd like to give a bouquet of flowers to -- but it's fantastic because this requires no watering, there's no wilting and it's a gift that's completely handmade!


  1. oh Claire, yours is more beautiful than the inspiration itself! I love it! x

  2. These are soooooo pretty!!!

    Have you seen this??? I can hardly wait to use this idea in a number of ways!


  3. Nuit...you are just too kind! Thanks for cheering me on my first attempt at ribbon embroidery :)

    Thanks you Dear Susan! Thanks for the link, too! I would love to try this out myself :)

    Hi there Miss Crafty Maima Jama -- you've got s cute name :) Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  4. You are just fantastic....I am so impressed by you! Such a beautiful project!

  5. Awww Diana -- you're so sweet! Thanks girl!


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