10 August 2020

Adorable Embroidery

Every now and then, I like to dabble in sewing crafts. It always reminds me of our sewing projects in elementary school where we learned basic sewing, cross stitching, and how to use the sewing machine.

But these days, I prefer small scale and low commitment projects so that I can finish in one sitting.

I found this book in the library. It's called "Stitch Love" created by Mollie Johanson. The cover definitely caught my attention -- adorable little creatures!

But flipping through the pages compelled me to borrow the book right away. It's a treasure-trove of ideas:

Sigh. Aren't they darling?

At the back pages are patterns that I traced on a sheet of paper.

 I transferred my chosen design to a piece of cloth.

The hot iron transfer pencil and an iron were very handy for this purpose.

I used a few sewing supplies like a needle, embroidery thread, scissors, and an embroidery hoop. 

Here's my stitched little bunny:

I outlined him with embroidery thread. To make the design my own, I filled in with colored pencil and sewed on a pompom tail...TADA!

I can hang this in my craft space or give it away. I think it will make a fun addition to a child's bedroom, don't you think?

And that's how I turned plain fabric from blah to TADA!

***An update as of August 28, 2020:

My embroidered blue bunny was among the embroidery hoop DIY projects featured on the Michaels Instagram Feed...TADA!


  1. Your blue bunny is adorable! Yes, it'd be perfect for a child's room.

    1. Thanks Priscilla! I'll give this to my niece...she likes bunnies and even has a rabbit named "Roger" :)


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