31 August 2020

More Sidewalk Furniture

Hi there! In a previous post, I regaled you with stories about free furniture on the streets of New York City. 

Yes it's true! If only I had a truck and a warehouse, I would comb the streets for these finds and give them a totally new look. I'll probably be able to furnish an entire apartment with all that I collect! And with many folks moving out of the city as a result of the pandemic, there's a lot of free furniture on the streets. There's even a dedicated Instagram account called @stoopingnyc to alert followers of these treasures. 

Here are the ones I spotted in the West Village:

Piece Number 1: Tall and skinny shelf
Piece Number 2: Two-tier side table
Piece Number 3: Rattan end table
Piece Number 4: Four-tier etagere

Shelves and side tables in a neat row! And in good condition, too.  Had I taken them home with me, here's how I would transform them from blah to TADA!

For the tall and skinny shelf:

In the absence of a dedicated home office, the next best option is to carve out some space out of another room. The most popular target? The living room, since it's a centrally located "daytime" space that keeps work from bleeding into the bedroom.
via Apartment Therapy

I would put it in a tight corner of my work-from-home space to store books and memorabilia.

Or position it horizontally and turn it into a storage bench...TADA!

For the two-tier side table:

via Emily Henderson

It will be useful as a bedside buddy (even if it doesn't have a matching pair).

stockholm apartment, cate st. hill
via Cate St. Hill

I can also put it beside a favorite reading chair to hold books and a cup of tea...TADA!

Okay, two pieces down but there's still more:

Let's start with the rattan end table.

This bamboo bedside table pairs perfectly with the classic decor of the bedroom.
via Apartment Therapy

I would stain it in a richer brown and welcome it into a bedroom.

@Ashley Walters Walters Walters Burns: Small Rattan Table - bright painted wicker seems to be popular!
via Pinterest

Or paint it in a wild color as an accent piece for the balcony or a kid's room...TADA!

And finally, my ideas for the four-tier etagere (open shelves):

via Pinterest

I would paint it white -- perfect for a modern farmhouse.

Eden Rue 4 Shelf Tower Étagère with Bamboo Style Legs - Seafoam - Target
via Pinterest

Or maybe in a sweet shade of sea foam or pale pink...TADA!

I hope you'll find some old furniture (in your own home or on the street) and turn them from blah to TADA!


Your comments are very much appreciated!