02 November 2020

A Washi Tape Pen-style Dispenser

Guys, you know how much I love washi tape. I've talked about it here, here, here and here. It's embarrassing to admit, but I've amassed quite a collection:

It started with just one shelf that grew over the years -- I know, I have a problem.

I get giddy whenever I see washi tape as well as different ways to keep them organized.

This is a canvas pouch similar to a pencil case that can hold up to 12 standard rolls. I spotted it at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store. 

Here is a plastic box with a built in cutter, also from Daiso.

A friend of mine knew of my "addiction" and she give me this for my birthday:

It's a washi tape dispenser!

It looks like a pen.

On one side, there's a strip with teeth to neatly cut the tape.

It came with these plastic bolts to hold the tape and a dial to aid in winding the tape to the bolts.

Jacimoe You Tube
I can't read Japanese to save my life. Good thing it had easy to follow instructions. There are tutorials on You Tube, too. 

The hard part was to chose which washi tape designs I wanted to put on the pen.

I love flowers so this was an easy choice.

Another favorite because it reminds me of postal envelopes.

I like the art deco vibe of this one plus its masculine colors. 

And this one reminds me of floor tiles from an Italian villa, Spanish hacienda, or Moroccan riad.

The pen opens on top.

I added the bolts of tape in the slot.

A tiny tape collection in a handy container...TADA! I'll always have washi tape to seal an envelope or decorate a package.

I can also include it in the writing kit I assembled that I can bring with me when we are able to travel again after this pandemic.

Do you like collecting washi tape? How do you like to store them?

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And by the way, don't forget to vote tomorrow! Bravo to all those who have, especially those who waited (and will be waiting) in line, to all the poll workers, and those who will be counting the ballots. Elections during a pandemic is blah, but rockstars like you make it TADA!  


  1. It's a portable washi tape dispenser, so handy. Yes, I'm very thankful for the poll workers!

    1. Hooray for the heroes of this election! Take care Priscilla!


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