07 December 2010

Bear-y Christmas!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for
visiting Delia's blog yesterday where I turned a blah paper bag
into a TADA! envelope. Perfect for money gifts and tips.

Today, I have another idea to "disguise" a gift card
(some people may think it's impersonal to give a gift card,
I don't -- I think it's practical and let's the recipient pick
what he or she really, really wants!)

Blah: a teddy bear that was a promotional freebie.

Remove the tag and replace with a small envelope
(I made this using construction paper).
Secure it to the bear with ribbon or small amount of hot glue.

Insert the gift card and finish with a sweet note.

TADA! No one can resist the charm of this bear
who comes bearing a gift!

Have a great day!


  1. My g'daughter loves gift cards..and she loves teddy bears too so this is a great idea for her!
    So cute..looks like the teddy bear is holding the card in his mouth:)

  2. Thanks Betty! I hope you get to use this idea :)

  3. So sweet Claire! I think this is perfect for anyone of any age.

  4. Thanks a lot Delia! How can anyone resist a teddy bear, right? :)


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