10 March 2011

It's a Wrap!

Happy Thursday!

What do you do with empty ribbon spools?
In the past, I turned them into a

I have a few more and here's
what I used it for:

I made it into a pompom maker!

Today, I'll teach you how to make
multi-color pompoms.

Gather some yarn in your preferred shades and wind them tightly through the cardboard ring, a.k.a "pompom maker".
Distribute the yarn evenly in one row/layer to keep the length of the yarn uniform. Cover a little over half the pompom maker and tuck in the ends.

Insert a new piece of yarn through the yarn already on the pompom maker. Both ends should meet at the bottom.

Make a tight knot.
Then cut the yarn on the outer end.
Cut all the way through.

Your pompom should look like this.
Make the knot tighter. Secure with a second knot, then slip off the pompom from the cardboard, fluff it up and trim any excess yarn.

TADA! A wacky and wild pompom!

Use it as a finishing touch to a housewarming gift,
like this bottle of red wine.



  1. So cute and a great way to dress up a gift bag.

  2. So cute, Claire!
    Now, a question for you: what is the adorable cover on the wine bottle?? It looks like a little sweater or something! Whatever it is, the little pompom goes great with it!!

  3. Hi Maryann! Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    I'm happy you noticed the gift wrap too -- it is a sleeve from a never-used sweater (was too small so I re-purposed it; will use the other parts next time).

  4. That is so clever, Claire!! Looking forward to what you do with the rest of it!! :)

  5. super cute! Love this! Great blog!

  6. Thanks very much Miss Design Wine & Dine! :)


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