11 January 2021

Do-It-Yourself Fragrance Diffuser

Fresh flowers at home are one of life's pleasures!

But the reality is I can't have them all the time. When I saw these arrangements at a shop, I thought, "These are a good alternative."

They are made from dried buds and stems, and the flowers are made from wood...TADA!

Here is another version made with diffuser sticks. Fragrance oils can be added inside the bottle. The flowers absorb the oil and give off sweet scents to a room...TADA!  

I was so inspired by these, I've decided to make my own.

Let's start with an empty bottle. 

I found these dry stalks at the park.

I took some home and put them in my bottle.

I just love the curly ends!

diffuser reed sticks, Pier One Imports
I got these diffuser reeds from a closeout sale. You can find them at the candle section of a home store.

I included some diffuser reeds to my arrangement, too.

On another trip to the park, I found these.

Let's put some of that in the vase.

I'm really digging the monotone shade and the simplicity of the arrangement! 

Uplift Sweet Orange essential oil, essential oil
Now it's time to add some fragrance. I combined essential oil and a carrier oil using this recipe as my guide.

Here is my scent-sational arrangement...TADA!

My spending was very minimal because most of the materials were recycled, found or stuff that I already had on hand. And I think that deserves another TADA!


  1. What a great idea! I love that it's such an inexpensive idea, too.

    1. Hello Priscilla! Don't you just love cheap and cheerful projects? :)


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