04 January 2021


It's a New Year and while it's exciting to jump into new adventures, there's something comforting about going back to routines and rituals especially after all the rush of the holidays.

Routines provide order and rituals promise calm. Can I share with you a few of my favorite rituals?

Number 1: Starting a Bullet Journal Every Year 
This is my calendar, To Do List, litany of reminders, and gratitude journal all rolled into one. It's an analog method that works for me. I use a blank notebook that I customize with rubber stamps and pens, and all my notes are handwritten. I refer to it often and it helps me feel I am in control even if surprises pop-up during the course of the day. If you're curious, I've written about the bullet journal here, here and here.

Number 2: Going to Church 
I was raised Catholic and I'm pretty attuned to my faith. It has helped me weather difficult times and challenges. Going to church is like a date with God, helping me strengthen my relationship with Him. I go at the start of each year, weekly, and even when I'm traveling, I make sure to stop by a church to give thanks. During the pandemic, I go to on-line masses. After, I am always filled with peace.  

Number 3: Breakfast
No matter how early my day starts, I have to eat my breakfast. It wakes me up, energizes me, and allows me to focus. I'll usually have overnight oats, toast or a pastry, and a hot beverage like English Breakfast Tea. A little planning beforehand makes prep time quick and turning on the kettle is part of my morning routine. 

Number 4: Lighting a Candle
Some people like lighting a candle during their bath or when they do their meditation practice. I like to light a candle before I write (ex. blog posts or articles). It helps set the mood and gets me into "the zone". Plus the fragrance energizes the room.

Number 5: A Pre-Dinner Snack
Often times, I am hungry after work and right before dinner. I used to haphazardly snack on whatever I could find -- chips or a sugary doughnut. They usually left me unsatisfied. I wanted to be more mindful of my eating so when I can, I turn it into a ritual. I'll set up a nice cheese plate or afternoon tea with simple grocery staples. It's a fun "party for one" or two when my husband can join me.

These are just some ways I turn blah into TADA! How about you, what are some of your favorite rituals?


  1. I love your rituals. I keep an analog calendar and journal, too (mine are separate). I like the ritual of pen on paper. Smart idea to turn your snacks into a ritual to keep from just grabbing something unhealthy!

    1. Hooray for pen and paper! May you have many nourishing rituals this year, Priscilla!


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