08 February 2021

Papel Picado

Hey guys! Are you familiar with papel picado?

Maybe you've seen them as decorations at the taco place in your neighborhood? Or maybe on a recent vacation to Mexico?

Papel picado are these colorful buntings made from gift tissue. What makes them special are the cut by hand designs that have a lace-like quality to them.

Whenever I see them, I always stop in admiration.

I don't think I'm the only fan. I've noticed it applied in many different ways:

Instead of plain boxes, papel picado-inspired graphics were used as packaging.

Floral Destination Wedding Save the Date  Colorful Mexican image 0
via JP Stationery
What about these dainty wedding invitations?!

Papel picado #cake! #diadelosmuertos #DayOfTheDead
via Sweet Treets Bakery
And edible papel picado banners that dress up this cake!

As a Valentine project, I think I'll attempt to make my own. Here goes:

This is a piece of red card stock which I had readily available.

There are templates available on-line or we can draw the designs freehand. I'm using these stencils I found in my craft stash (I bought them many years ago at the Target Dollar Spot). 

With a pencil, I traced shapes and letters all over the paper.

Here is the design I came up with.

With a pair of scissors or a craft knife and self-healing mat, hallow out the insides of the shapes and letters.

It's a tedious process so I recommend to use simple shapes that aren't too skinny or complicated to cut.

Progress...after about two hours of cutting.

Here is my version of papel picado...TADA!

I can use it as a Valentine card or as a cake topper...TADA!

Have you ever tried making papel picado? 


  1. I've never tried to cut such an intricate design. I'm impressed that you did all that delicate work in only two hours. Looks great!

    1. Hi Priscilla! Your encouraging comments really make my day. Thank you!


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