22 February 2021

Earrings Made from Leather

Accessorize to change or complete a look. 

Why yes! A cute cuff or a statement necklace can turn a plain outfit from blah to TADA! While I'm always on the lookout for fashion jewelry at the shops, I never back down when I need to make my own. 

Now the word "need" may sound like a desperate plea, but that's what I felt when I found some leather scraps in my craft stash.

This piece of pink leather cried out, "Please transform me!"

And I replied, "Your wish is my command!"

First, I cut a pair of teardrops. Then I made some small holes with a needle and added these earring findings.

It's a fast and simple process and we end up with a pretty set...TADA! 

I had enough to make another pair. This time, I added a splatter effect on the leather. 

Here's how I did it:
Take a medium-sized paintbrush (or old toothbrush), dip it in acrylic paint, and with one finger, flick the tip of the brush close to the leather. Keep repeating the process until the dotty pattern you want is achieved. It's best to work outdoors if you can. And cover your surface with scrap paper to avoid getting paint where you don't want it. Then let the paint dry for a few hours.

Trim the leather and add some holes and findings.

Here is our second pair...TADA!

But wait...there's more!

The remaining leather scraps, I cut into squares and glued them on to these blank gold pendants. 

I slipped them on these wire earring loops...TADA!

One is casual, one is bohemian, and another is elegant...TADA!


  1. I love all three, and it's really cool that you got three whole pairs out of such a small scrap of leather!

    1. Thank you Priscilla! I tried my best to avoid waste ;-)


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