01 February 2021

An Embroidered Scent Sachet

Yesterday marked my Mama's 4th birthday in heaven. 

I think about her and my Papa every day and pray that they are in a peaceful, joyful place. Not having my parents around is blah. But I try my hardest to turn this into a TADA! by remembering all our memories together.

When I see a monarch butterfly, I am reminded that my Mama is nearby. That's why I like to make crafts with a butterfly theme.

Here is a butterfly embroidery that I made.

I worked with used dryer sheets as my fabric. I don't like to throw them after I do the laundry. They still smell nice and I'm constantly finding ways to turn them from blah to TADA! 

I traced the butterfly pattern from a book.

I pinned the paper on the dryer sheet and mounted this onto an embroidery hoop. Then I sewed directly on the paper, using different colors of thread .

Once done, I carefully peeled off the paper, prying off any small bits with a needle. I also removed the dryer sheet from the embroidery hoop.

I sewed this sheet with the butterfly design (wrong side facing out) to another dryer sheet. I left a small opening on one corner.

I flipped it inside-out through the opening to reveal the correct side showing the butterfly.

I took some dried, but still fragrant, lavender buds...

funnel, dried lavender, lavender buds, uses for dried lavender
And put some inside the sachet. I used a funnel through the small opening for a tidy transfer.

I closed the hole with some hand stitching.

Here is my embroidered scent sachet. I can put it inside my drawers or luggage so I'll always have the relaxing fragrance of lavender with me (and the protection of my Mama, too)...TADA!


  1. I'm sure your mother is tickled pink by the butterfly sachet you made while thinking of her four years after she entered Heaven.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts, Priscilla! When I was growing up, I always gave her handmade gifts :)


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