12 April 2021

Pop-Up Cards

Around the same time last year, the whole world was just in the thick of a Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone was required to stay home and practice social distancing to avoid getting or spreading the virus that had no vaccine nor cure yet.

Stay. At. Home. 

That was the most basic requirement from all of us. And while we had all the comforts of home and being able to work from home, I felt helpless. And anxious.  

So I made these cards:

I tuned-out the news and made time for crafting for an entire afternoon. Doing so lowered my anxiety levels and I felt very purposeful. Because these cards were for a good cause.  

Children Cheering Seniors
My neighbor Tara sent out a request on our neighborhood Facebook Group. She was thinking of all the seniors living alone or in senior homes who might feel afraid and isolated. Maybe the kids can make some drawings for these seniors to cheer them up? 

"Count me in, Tara!"

Even if I hardly qualified as a kid, this was a worthy endeavor. I made some cards and dropped them off at the designated collection site.

Can I show you what I made?

I used card stock so they're sturdy even without envelopes. I decided not to put any ribbon or tape to seal the cards. I wanted them to open easily, considering that some seniors may have arthritis.

When we open the card, there's a surprise.

It pops-up! Each one is decorated with cardboard cut-outs, coloring book pages, paint, and positive wishes written in brush lettering...TADA!

Here are the other designs that I created:

I hope I was able to bring smiles to some seniors. I also hope to continue making more cards that I can take to senior homes, turning their day (and mine) from blah to TADA!

While we already have vaccines and many have been vaccinated, let's not let our guard down. Let's be safe and continue to take care of each other.


  1. They are such sweet cards! Tara's idea was so wonderful.:-)

    1. Thank you Priscilla! Every neighborhood has an angel and Tara is just one of ours! There are so many out there -- securing vaccine appointments; driving people to their appointments; doing yard work for the elderly among others. May God bless them :)


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