19 April 2021

Reusable Snack Bags

I'm so happy to see you today!

This Thursday is Earth Day. But why limit this occasion to just one day when we can make every day "Earth Day"? All we have to do is be mindful of our responsibilities to the environment. We can do our share in preventing pollution and the destruction of wildlife in small acts.

One way is to minimize or entirely stop the use of plastic.

I found these reusable snack sacks at a home store (this isn't a sponsored post!). They are made from thick but food safe material and they have adorable designs. I wash them, by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher, after every use.

I pack my snacks in them -- sandwiches, cookies, fruit. I even keep one in my bag for non-liquid leftovers from a restaurant (no need for a Styrofoam or foil box AND a plastic bag). I also like giving this away as gifts and everyone who has received it appreciates it...TADA!

Here's another version. It's smaller and the mason jar design is just irresistible!

I like to fill them with salt, pepper and cooking spices. I take them to picnics, camping trips or vacations in rental properties where there's an opportunity to cook. Label appropriately with washi tape and a marker...TADA!

Let's do our share to protect the one planet that we have!


  1. I bought some, too, but mine were plain, not the cute ones you have. I used a couple of them to package cookies for gift-giving. It's a like two gifts in one for the recipient.

    1. I like your idea of using them as gift wrapping! Great tip, Priscilla!


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