18 July 2021

Painting on Leather

She painted on a $10,000 leather bag!

Hand painted Hermes Birkin by artist love Marie aka heart evangelista Escudero ❤️
via Pinterest
This is an Hermes bag that costs at least US$10,000. The price can go higher depending on the size and the leather used. It's a beautiful bag, no doubt, but I can't see myself buying something for such an expensive amount. And let's just say I did, I would take very good care of it, wiping it down after each use and reserving a chair just to lay it on. And I would hold it tightly under my arm because the bag alone is enough to bail me out of a ransom situation. 

But this artist painted on it! 

She PAINTED on it! 

I applaud her audacity.
이정진 Jung Jin Lee(@artjin1214) • Instagram 사진 및 동영상
via Jung Jin Lee
How about this artist who paints on a Louis Vuitton wallet?

Apparently, a lot of people are having their designer bags custom-painted. The paintings add personality to the bag and makes it stand out from others who own the same kind. But do these paintings add or diminish the value of the bag? 

Anyway, while spring cleaning, I found this passport case. It was an airline freebie.

Here's what it looks like inside.

It's plain and simple on the back.

I was contemplating on how to turn it from "blah" to "TADA!" and I decided to paint on it. But no fear here because if I mess it up, it really didn't cost me a thing.

I decided to paint a portrait of an adventurer. I used white acrylic paint to make my outline.

Then I added details using a pencil. 

I took out more acrylic paint and a small, flat-tipped paintbrush.

Then I added the corresponding colors.

This cool girl is ready for adventure!

I don't know if you can see from here -- her sunglasses are metallic. And the leather-stamped branding is no longer obvious...TADA!

Simply add a passport, IDs, and a pen for the adventure to begin now that the world is starting to open its doors to tourists after months of lockdown.

This is my first attempt to paint on leather and I enjoyed it a lot. 

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