25 July 2021

Washi Tape -- Never Travel Without It

Hi there! 

Are you traveling anytime soon? May I recommend a little travel tip? 

Bring a roll of washi tape!

Here are five ways where washi tape will come in handy:

Number 1: Have an additional layer of privacy by covering the peep holes on hotel doors with washi tape (you'll want to make sure your hotel rooms or vacation rentals have not been outfitted with hidden cameras.) It's always good to be safe and aware. 

Number 2: Use washi tape to re-seal a bag of snacks to keep them fresh and crunchy. 

Number 3: Use washi tape to seal toiletries and keep them from spilling.

Number 4: If you like to buy tokens for family and friends while you travel, use washi tape to label your gifts.

Number 5: Washi tape is very useful for making labels. You can write on it with a permanent marker (doesn't smudge) and the tape easily peels off without damaging surfaces.

I hope these ideas will turn your travels from "blah to TADA!"

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  1. Washi tape makes ordinary tasks fun and everyday items attractive.

    1. Indeed! Thank you Priscilla...I hope you're having a nice summer!


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