19 September 2021

Tin Transformations Part 2

Howdy everyone!

I have a thing for tin containers. I've talked about it last week and transformed many others in the past (you can read about them here, here, and here).

What's not to love? They're sturdy, provide an air tight-seal, and are very useful for storage. 

This particular one was once filled with yummy baked goods. It's now empty and I've cleaned it up with a dry cloth.

Then I painted it with several coats of acrylic, letting the tin dry in between coats.

Here is my tin in mysterious matte black. But it still looks a little blah.

I saw this mural on the door of a restaurant's ladies room. I found it so cheerful! I think it reminded me of a sunny place like California, Florida or maybe even Spain.  

Inspired by these oranges, I painted some on the lid of my tin. 

Because pencil is invisible on blank paint, I sketched using white acrylic paint.

Then I added color -- this watercolor palette worked quite well.

I added some shading and detail with more paint.

Just a hint of an orange orchard.

Designate it for crafting supplies. Make it into a sewing kit. Or use it to wrap gifts instead of the traditional box and wrapping paper.

And that is how I turned a tin container from blah to TADA!

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