03 October 2021

Apple-picking to Welcome Autumn

The air is crisp and cool, a sign that Autumn has arrived!

Decorations start to appear on lawns and door steps.

And a visit to the farm cannot be missed!

Being close to nature can be reviving and the kids can feed the animals.

There are corn mazes...

There's pumpkin picking...

And pumpkin decorating.

But my favorite activity is apple picking!

We ride horse-drawn wagons to get to the apple trees...

And get an extensive tour of the grounds.

Then we arrive at the orchard and disembark from the wagon.

We scout the trees...

And find the ripe ones...

Then fill our bags with what we found.

Back on the wagon after a fun afternoon of apple picking...TADA! 

Our bags were weighed, we paid, and brought our apples home.

I just had to paint this still life...TADA!

I loved the coloring of this leaf, I painted a version of it, too.

And after the watercolor session, it was time to eat the apples:

These are caramelized apples on French toast...

And this is an apple carrot quick bread...TADA!

The new season reminds us of life cycles and how we must embrace change. Here's wishing that these changes will turn our lives from "blah" to "TADA!"


  1. It looks like you had a fun outing! The shading on your watercolor apples is so good. I like how you added blue to the leaf, pretty!

    1. Thank you Priscilla! I hope your autumn is off to a good start!


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