24 October 2021

Halloween Stickers

Hey guys! 

In a previous post, I made my own stickers:

Adhesive paper, rubber stamps, and ink are all I needed to create them.

I had some adhesive paper left over and I thought seasonal stickers sounded like a good idea.

And because Halloween is just around the corner, I brought out the creepy rubber stamps. 

I took out the watercolors, too, because the adhesive paper was looking very blah.

I randomly painted the adhesive paper, let it dry for several minutes, and this is what it looks like now...TADA!

Apply some ink to the rubber stamp, find a spot on the paper, and stamp away! 

Hmmm...I don't have a lot of Halloween-themed rubber stamps. 

Just a few spiders:

And here is an autumn stamp:

It's a pumpkin but you can, with a marker, add triangle eyes and a jagged mouth to make a Jack O' Lantern. 

Now, it's time to cut the stickers.

Trim the edges for an even square.

I like the two-toned colors in the background.

Here are my handmade stickers ready to be given away...TADA!  This would be a fun activity for a play date, too.

That is how I turned some plain sticker paper from blah to TADA!

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  1. These are cute. My favorite is the top-down spider with the half orange, half purple background.


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