17 October 2021

Uses for a Cast Iron Skillet

Hi there! 

I was rummaging through my kitchen cupboards and found this: 

It's a tiny cast iron skillet. It was a holiday gift, a set that included a bag of cookie mix. I find it so cute! I can use it to serve "dessert for two" or a "dish for one" like a small pizza.  

In many families, cast iron skillets are treasured and passed down from generation to generation. They only get better with age and are a very good investment. These can easily be purchased in home stores and flea markets. For them to last many lifetimes, they have to be cared for: they have to be seasoned to achieve a non-stick surface and cleaned properly to avoid rust. 

I want to use my mini cast iron skillet as often as I can to maintain its condition. Here are some of the things I made:

Chocolate chip cookie a la mode - when I make cookies, I scoop them into balls. Half I bake and the other half I freeze. That way we don't eat too many cookies in one sitting, and if I need something sweet later on, I know there's some in the freezer. All I do is take what I need (in this case, one cookie), thaw it and bake it directly on the cast iron skillet. Then I serve it in the same skillet still warm (placed on a trivet so it doesn't burn the dining table) with a scoop of ice cream. And maybe sprinkles. And chocolate sauce. TADA! 

Dutch Baby Pancake - A Dutch Baby is crepe/pancake baked in the oven so that it puffs up into a cloud but deflates when it reaches room temperature. It makes a delightful breakfast and I like eating it with a squeeze of lemon and maple syrup. TADA!

Pumpkin Pie - the recipe I used yielded extra pie filling which allowed me to make this personal pie...TADA!

Corn Bread
- this recipe for corny corn bread are baked in muffin pans. There was some extra batter left so I baked the rest in this skillet.

It's a perfect side to a bowl of chili that we love to make during the winter months. 

These are just some of the ways I turn a forgotten cast iron skillet from blah to TADA!

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  1. I'm clueless on this one. I don't own a cast iron skillet.:-( You have some great ideas already, though!


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