05 January 2010

Instant Art

In this age where you can find a calendar on your computer or mobile phone, I still choose to display a wall calendar. There's something about the blank white spaces waiting to be filled with an appointment or important reminder. It's also my excuse to purchase one if I don't get one as a present. My 2009 calendar was all about London and its landmarks. I loved all the photos that were revealed as the year progressed, and now that 2009 is over, I don't think I want to throw the calendar away.

So I'm turning this blah...

... into a Tada!

I cut my favorite images from the calendar and placed them in a simple frame. The photo above is the British Museum. I really like the glass ceiling that lets the sunshine in.

Here's another iconic British symbol -- the double decker bus. I love the blazing red color that brings back memories of afternoons exploring the city.

I just had to frame this one, too!

Hang the framed images gallery-style on an empty wall in your home or office. Whether it's the vibrant villas of Italy, black & white images of Paris, brilliant sunsets or adorable kittens, these will make any wall speak volumes.


  1. Very vibrant. Nice cropping too. :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! Have a splendid New Year!

  3. Very good idea! I have had some beautiful wall calenders that I loath to throw away, and those clip-frames are so inexpensive to buy, but can look really good!
    Thank you for this idea!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks Alice in Wonderland! I know that you'll have a wall filled with instant, beautiful art!
    Have an awesome 2010!

  5. That's the bus I take to work! I love the old London buses, they are much nicer than the horrible bendy buses we now have on some routes. Hope you enjoyed your London trip :-)

  6. Great idea! I tend to cling to old calendars for the photos. Now I have an idea of how to make better use of them :)

  7. Thanks for visiting Katie! I hope you have an art gallery-like wall made of old calendars :)

  8. Hello Pandora! I miss London already...I wish I could ride a magic bus and take me there instantly! Cheers Love!


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