06 January 2010

This One's for the Cook

This week on my blog, I'm breathing new life into last year's calendars.

I'll turn this blah 2009 tabletop calendar into a Tada!

Once the month by month pages are removed,
all you have left is this sturdy tent-like structure.

Simply dress it up with some scraps of colorful paper,
add some clips (these came from old ID tags) and...

...Tada! It's now a recipe card holder!

Keep it on your kitchen counter as an easy reference.
It also leaves you with an extra hand
to measure,
mix and taste.

Happy Cooking!


  1. This is awesome! I am gonna make one for my mom =D

    Hey Claire, this keeps getting better and better!


  2. Ohh that's cute! I love my cookbooks that stand up on their own like this - so much more convenient!

    It could also be used to hold a picture-of-the-moment - I'm always finding NEW favorites that I want to display, this would be easy to swap out!

  3. Thanks for visiting me today Christina! You are right! These can be used as picture frames and mini-memo boards,too :)

  4. Hello Adriana! Thanks, thanks for your visit!

  5. You are ingenious!! I have recipes written on different scraps of paper and this is a great idea to keep them together.


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