08 January 2010

Special Occasions

Let me cap "Calendar Week" with another blah to Tada! idea.

I'm not only using one calendar...

...I'm using two kinds to make a brand new calendar:

Tada! A birthday/anniversary calendar
that I can use each & every year.

I used the tent-style calendar as the base and covered the pages with construction paper. From the wall calendar, I cut out the months & dates then glued these on the blank page. I embellished further with magazine cut-outs.

Then I filled in the dates with my loved ones' birthdays & anniversaries. This special occasion calendar sits beside my current calendar so I'll never forget to greet these important people a "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary".

I added a pocket at the back of the calendar to hold greeting cards, envelopes & stamps that I can send out a few weeks before the special date. While it's easy to send a text or an e-mail, nothing melts the heart like a hand written-sealed with a kiss-postman delivered birthday card!

Have a happy Tada! weekend!


  1. Hey Claire - I am not really a person who comments every single post, but sorry, have to congratulate you on this idea, too. You are so creative! Must "steal" that idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great idea! I especially like where you added the pocket in back for cards, envelopes and stamps.

  3. I agree! Receiving a card in the mail is one of the great things in life. Sadly, not too many people agree. I still send cards because I know how much I enjoy getting them.

    This is a great idea!

  4. Oooh! Thanks very clever!

    p.s. I nominated you for a happy award, cos your blog makes me :)

  5. This is too good Claire!, I always have to re-write everyone's birthdays on the new planner. I amazed at all you've done with the calendars :)

  6. Oh I love it! The pocket on the back just adds to the awesomeness! Don't forget my birthday! ;)

  7. Hello Sonja, Kathryn, Crystal, DoodleGirl, Sooz (thanks for the award!), Nuit and Christina! Thank you for you wonderful comments...I'm smiling from ear to ear! :)


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