07 January 2010

Twelve Little Journals

Happy Thursday Everyone! I've been sharing some ideas on how to reuse 2009 calendars.

Instead of tossing this away, we'll turn this blah...

...into a Tada!

I cut out the "month" from the calendar and
glued them on the cover of these
little blank notebooks (I got them at Muji).

I assigned a date on each page of the notebook
by gluing the "dates" from the old calendar

I did the same on all pages of the journal,
depending on
how many days each month has.

Now I can personalize the journal based
on how I'd like to use it; for example:
(1) daily schedule for appointments
(2) headings like "A.M" & "P.M." or
"Morning", "Noon" & "Night"
(3) leave it blank for quotes, ideas,
gratitude & doodles

I made 12 notebooks for each month of the year.
Now I can't wait to fill up each one!


  1. I still love youre blog! The idéas the creativity! Super wonderful, keep it up :D It´s really inspiering.

  2. very cute, claire!

    did you completely make the journals yourself? or did you purchase blank notebooks and then add the numbers, etc?

    my verification word is 'luchi'. i think that's funny.

  3. Hey Claire - I've been following your blog for a while now and I have to say: "WOW!" You have such brilliant ideas for recycling and reusing. Fantastic! And the phrase "blah to tada" has kind of crept into my vocabulary, too... Keep it up, I love reading your posts!
    PS: Ansolutely adore Muji, myself... got some great origami paper there recently and covered some "blah" notebooks to make them look "tada" - here: http://craft-werk.blogspot.com/2009/11/notebooks-before-and-after.html

  4. Hello and THANK YOU for your comments Jeanette, Susan and Sonja!

    Jeanette, your moral support has my head churning with many more ideas for 2010!

    Susan...Luchi! Heehee, that's funny! I got these journals from a lovely store called MUJI.
    There's a link above :)

    Queen Sonja, thanks for cheering me on! I really appreciate it! Hooray for MUJI!

  5. those look amazing! great idea for repurposing the calendar and your timing is wonderful as I just saw another 09 calendar in our home yesterday.

  6. Thanks for visiting Sara & Lisa! Happy New Year :)

  7. What an absolutelyfantastic idea! Something other than making envelopes and writing paper from all the graphics on the old calendars. Great job.

  8. I love them, they're so cute! I bet you can't wait to fill them up! :)

  9. Thanks Sooz! I like making lists (things to do, buy, fix, etc.) and these journals are quite handy for the task :)


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