22 February 2010

Blah to TADA! Challenge: JEANS

Happy Monday Everyone! This week on my blog, I'm up for a little challenge. Susie sent me this e-mail:

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I just love it, you inspire me so much and I love the fact that we're helping our environment at the same time. A few ideas I would appreciate your creativity on: (1) Old jeans/denim and (2) plastic grocery-type bags. Thank you for your blog!

Thanks Susie for your kind words! I'll first share some ideas on reviving those jeans and I'll tackle plastic grocery bags in a future post, okay?

Blah: an old pair of denims

TADA!: Turn them into cut-off shorts and
dress it up in different ways:

Image from J.Crew

Image from J. Crew

Image from Forever 21

More ideas tomorrow!
Have a great day!


  1. Totally loving this! Do you have more fashion DIY?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Miss Searched and Found! :)

  3. I am crazy about that style in the last picture Claire, its awesome. I will probably cut a pair or two tonight!! =D summer is coming anyway!

  4. Thanks for visiting me today Nuit & Lovely Little Nest! Yes, cut-offs are perfect for the coming spring & summer months :)


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