08 February 2010

Socks & Gloves

Hooray! I'm blogging again after a virus found its way into my beloved computer. Oh the agony of not being able to post! But all is well now, or in my favorite words...yesterday was a blah and today is a TADA!

It's for this reason that I brought out these festive banners. Plus I've got another reason, too: my blog is now one year old! And what a fun ride it's been to "meet" all of you through your thoughts and most of all your encouragement. Thank you for stopping by to see what I've been up to and for generously leaving comments. Starting this blog is something I don't ever regret!

With a new year comes a new look and the promise of many beautiful, practical, doable blah to TADA! ideas that benefit our pockets and our planet. "Saving", in all its forms, has never been so good!

I hope you can join me and hold my hand as I begin another blogging year.

Socks & Gloves are this week's blahs. The ones at the back of the drawer. The ones with holes in them. The ones who've lost a pair. The lonely & neglected.

This blah pair was never used. They came in an amenity kit on an airplane ride I took a few years ago. But when you roll it up...

Tada! It turns into a cupcake!
A pin cushion cupcake to be exact.

Simply roll the sock and secure the ends by hand stitching. Place it in a colorful cupcake liner (secure bottom with hot glue) and add some "sprinkles" (sewing pins).

Keep one for your sewing needs.
Make more and give them out to your crafty friends
who love to sew.

Have a happy, happy Monday!


  1. What a wonderful idea! So glad you are back!

  2. Oh I love those - what an excellent idea!
    Glad you're back to add a bit more tada into our lives and loving the new look blog too! :)

  3. oh my gosh. how adorable. i'm a sucker for anything turned in to a cupcake! This is actually an awesome idea for anybody too lazy to make an actual pincushion cupcake!!!

  4. Thank you for the LOVE Homemade Mamas, Sooz, Melissa & Susan! :)

  5. OMG Claire these are gorgeous!!! such a great idea, I am making one for mom. Hey, I really missed u! this was totally BLAH without you!!! welcome back!



  6. Hi Nuit! You are one sweet friend! Thanks for welcoming me back :)

  7. such an adorable idea!
    thanks for visiting my blog claire :)

  8. Hi Claire
    Happy One Year Anniversary!! I like your new header. A gift for your blog? I like the way you mentioned the socks were never worn - funny since it was turned into a cupcake - for pins and needles (not to eat). Very clever as always.

  9. I missed your projects. I just recently discovered your blog and love the way you reclaim items. I'm glad you're back.

  10. Oh my god that's so cute and clever Claire! I like your new header too..here's to another fabulous year! :)

  11. I have soooo many socks that have lost their mates, AND I've been needing a pincushion or two. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

  12. Thank you so much Diane, Noreen, Miss Destination Inspiration and Jennae! I'm really happy to be blogging again :)

  13. wow such a fantastic idea! now to hunt for a lonely sock out of my sock drawer...

  14. Thanks Sharon! Your sock will be lonely no more :)

  15. I love the cupcake pin cushion. What a clever idea...I may just have to try to make one! You are so creative!

  16. You'll have fun making the cupcake Katie :) Thanks for your comment!

  17. i am THRILLED to have found your blog!
    as someone who loves to recycle junk into pretty things, you inspire me!
    the cupcakes are more than awesome!

    thank you for sharing your blessings with the world

  18. I'm so glad you found me Patricia! Thanks for your sweet comment & see you again soon :)


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