12 February 2010

High Five!

Gloves, like socks, happen to lose their pair too.

So if you've got only one glove, give it some love!

Tada! Turn it into a hand puppet!

Turn each finger into a family member,
a cuddly animal or favorite
storybook characters.

Take it with you on a road trip or
to keep the kiddies entertained.

Have a fun weekend everyone!


  1. Oh this is cute! My mom was telling me about a cat toy she got that is a glove w/ little dangly things hanging off ea. fingertip. I had to say "ouch" b/c my cat isn't declawed! :P hehe

  2. Thanks Christina! I can just imagine how cute that cat toy is!

  3. How sweet. My daughter was given a pair of gloves with wee felt animals on each fingertip and she loves them.

  4. Thanks for visiting Miss UK Lass! Your daughter's glove sounds adorable :-)

  5. omgoodnes, so cute!


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