26 February 2010

Dining with Denim

This week, I took Susie's challenge to transform
old jeans from blah to TADA!

I admit, I made mostly things to wear.
Today, let's take the denim into the dining room!

After a thorough washing,
turn the denim into coasters!

For double fun, use denim on one side and a printed
fabric (your fabric scraps will be willing volunteers)

on the other side.

It's a cute way to avoid beverage stains
your precious tables!

I wish you all a happy weekend!


  1. All of your jean projects are great! =)

  2. This is my favourite one. Super fab!

  3. Thank you my dear Stephanie & Melissa! I have a few more ideas -- maybe I'll do Denim Part II :) Have a fun weekend!

  4. this one is the best so far =D great idea!

  5. ok seriously these are the cutest! you are so stinkin creative, i love it!! thanks for the post!

  6. Thanks Virginia! I need to make more of these coasters :)

    Hello Melissa! I know, right?! Maybe I can transform a denim skirt...thanks for the idea :)

  7. Happy you like it Candace! Thanks for saying HI today :)


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