20 August 2013

A Summer Necklace

It's very nice to see you today.

My current project: I'm turning paper bags from blah to TADA!

Right now, let's focus on the handles. Yesterday, I made a bag charm out of one and today, what about a necklace?

I'm using a few beads. These ones, however, are looking a little blah.

A few coats of paint was all they needed. I chose the color pool blue...the name itself relaxes me already! 

Let's make a loop at one end of the rope/bag handle. Secure in place with a few stitches. I used embroidery thread in yellow as an accent color.

With a needle and thread, attach the beads to the rope/bag handle in an alternating pattern.

Use as many beads as the rope/bag handle can accommodate. Doesn't this look like peas in a pod? Then finish with a few knots and a second loop on the open end.

Add a simple chain and...

 ...TADA! -- instant summery necklace.

For a little more detail:

 ...add some teardrop beads and tassels.

Sea and sunshine as an accessory...yes, please!


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