21 August 2013

Tying a Knot

Maybe you like to shop and you've accumulated a bunch of paper bags.

 Before throwing them away, please consider giving them a second life.

 Let's rescue the handles and turn them from blah to...

TADA! -- it's a cute little bracelet I made myself.

via Etsy
To make it, I followed this genius tutorial on Etsy.

I ended up with this knot because the bag handles I used were not long enough. But it's still pretty, right {wink}? I sewed the ends with a needle and embroidery thread. It seals all the edges together and provides a pop of color.

 I also recycled this bracelet I hardly wore.
{Double TADA!}

 With the aid of a pair of pliers, my paper bag handles 
have officially become a bracelet!

I hope this has inspired you to make your own and, 
if you get a carried away, make a few more
to give to your besties.

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