29 August 2013

Beach Bounty

The weather was so gorgeous over the weekend, we went to the Jersey Shore on a whim. Here are a few photos that I hope you'll enjoy:


Apart from the usual beach action of sunbathing, volleyball and catching of waves, here's what caught my eye:

Young and not-so-young looking for buried treasure {I wonder if lady luck was on their side}.

Not wanting to be outdone, here is my humble haul. And like most of the things I find, I incorporate them into crafting.

Here's a tiny rock that works nicely as a canvas.  

I decided to draw something that reminded me of the beach. The details of a seahorse was quite daunting, making me settle for a starfish instead.

 I filled it in with several coats of paint.

 Then I turned it into a pendant by fusing a jump ring on its back with heavy duty glue.

I added some seashells and beads to keep it company. They all hang on an old necklace that was a souvenir from Thailand from years back.

While summer is slowly coming to an end, I'll have this beach-y necklace forever! Blah to TADA! indeed.

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