31 January 2014

A Birthday and a Giveaway

Hello and Happy Friday! And to everyone who celebrate it -- Happy Chinese New Year. I'm feeling extra festive because this week, I'm marking my blog's birthday.

Dear friends, blah to TADA! is now five years old! I know that's just toddler years, but boy do I feel TADA! As many of you know, maintaining a blog is quite the commitment, so I'm pretty giddy that I made it this far. 

Even before I published my first post, I had a list of goals for the blog. Among them was to make writing a regular habit {"practice makes perfect"}, and to share unique crafty recycling ideas. In doing this, I hope the blah to TADA! way thinking {being responsible, resourceful, and thinking outside the box} has influenced other parts of my readers' lives. 

There are still more goals yet to be achieved and there will be a few changes to the blog. But more of that next time.       

For now, a little gratitude:

To all of you who have been with me since my very first post, thank you
To those who posted comments or wrote private e-mails sharing how one of my crafts inspired you, thank you.
For you guys who found me through other blogs, through Pinterest or Instagram, then decided to take a peek, thank you.
For your regular visits, for cheering me on, and for showing me some love, thank you.

And with that, I think a giveaway is in order:

This party crafting template is up for grabs! Use this tool to turn plain or scrap paper from blah to TADA!

It's perfect for making party or room decorations.

Here's how you can win it:

Just a post a comment below, anytime between now and Sunday (February 2, 2014, 12 midnight EST) telling me what you'd like to see more of on blah to TADA!

One lucky winner will be drawn randomly and announced in a future blog post.

Good luck and have a happy, Superbowl weekend!

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