17 January 2014

Color on Black

I started this week with a little tidying up:

I turned a small accordion envelope into a gift tag organizer. I labeled each compartment with occasions that require gifts throughout the year like "birthday", "Christmas", and "all occasion" that I can easily personalize with a handwritten note.

I've stashed some store-bought sticker labels and tags in it, but I've been making a few of my own, too. 

I like using card stock for its weight and thickness, plus there are many colors available. I got these at a craft store and they're easy to purchase at an office supply store, too.

Today, I'm using the black card stock.

I trimmed it down to a smaller size and rounded the corners with a craft punch. With some watercolors, I added some cheerful blooms:

 Red peonies

 Lavender blossoms

 Chamomile buds

A white pen would be the perfect way to write on this gift tag. Just add double-sided tape at the back to quickly stick onto party parcels. TADA!

Have a marvelous weekend guys!


  1. That's an easy card. Thank you for the idea. Loved your drawing by the way.

  2. These are sooo pretty! Great idea!


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