20 January 2014

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Hello dear friends, I hope your weekend was spectacular! I was invited to a party on Saturday and thought it be proper to bring along a dessert for sharing and a hostess present. Here's the gift that I made:

Remember on Friday, I turned blah card stock into TADA! gift tags? Well, I made a few more! I used watercolors, with books and magazines as visual references.

Designed for ladies or little girls.

Cards that are kid-friendly.

Inspired by chalkboards.

Made with the help of a craft punch.

I added double-sided/mounting tape on the back of each gift tag to make it easy to stick onto any package.

Then I found this plastic canister. Any jar or box would be a good alternative.

I added some sparkly confetti...just for a little TADA!

Then I filled the canister with the gift tags I made.

As a thoughtful touch, I included some white ink pens that will work perfectly for the black paper. 

And of course a note of gratitude and an invitation for more celebration. TADA!

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