13 January 2014

Christmas in January

I know, the title to this post is bizarre. It's only January but I'm already thinking of Christmas. You see, I have hoarding tendencies. I also love a good bargain. And it's this time of year when I like to squirrel away things I will definitely use for the next holiday.

Such as gift bags {which I got for 13 cents a piece!}...

And these mini stockings that I can fill with candy or a gift card. They were originally $3 a piece, but I got them for 30 cents each!

These sticky gift tags are always a life saver. Just write the names and stick on a gift. No tape required. TADA! I paid between 10-13 cents a pack. Double TADA!

That's my tip for you. Scour department stores, craft stores and drug stores. They're already getting rid of their holiday merchandise and you'll get discounts ranging from 50% to 90% off their original prices. Then keep these in a drawer that you'll mark "Christmas" so you won't forget you have them.

Here's another tip and I'm doing this to keep my gift tags within reach for all the gifts I'm giving away throughout the year.

Find an accordion envelope. These are available at office supply stores or the dollar bin at Target.

Open up the envelope to find several compartments.

For each compartment, make labels like "All Occasion" or "Generic". This is where we'll put everyday, age-free or gender-free gift tags.

Make another one for "Birthdays". You can even be more specific like "Boy Birthday", "Girl Birthday", "Baby Birthday", "Child Birthday".

Include the holiday you celebrate with gift-giving. Mine's Christmas.

Then in each compartment, tuck in the corresponding gift tags. You'll always be ready when the need arises and the compartments will tell you when you're running low on a specific tag. 

Some people call it organized. I call it blah to TADA!

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