29 October 2014

A Mini Michael Jackson

Last week at work, we threw a baby shower for one of our friends. As a gift, each member of the team was tasked to decorate a plain onesie. A basket-full of onesies makes for a unique and useful present for a mom-to-be, don't you think? And you could see the personality of each designer on the onesie that he/she made.

I made a Michael Jackson onesie. What does that say about my personality?

via Posh 24
I pulled elements from his famous military jacket to make this:

All made with buttons, fabric paint and ribbon.

via The New York Times
Then I wanted to add some accessories like his black shoes and white socks.

I made it by painting a pair of white baby socks with fabric paint. 

via Michael Jackson Style
And then there's the fedora. I wanted to make one just like this but sadly, I have no crochet confidence.

Luckily, I found one here, with interchangeable rim bands.

via The New York Times
Of course, there is the iconic glove, all blinged up. I thought the baby deserved these, too.

But in mitten version (I wanted to use white mittens but I had a hard time finding a pair)!

Instead of sequins, which isn't baby-friendly, I used silver fabric paint.

Silver dots on one side of each mitten stand in for Michael Jackson's trademark sparkles.

Here are the accessories. 

And here is the full look. TADA!

I know it borders on costume but it's still wearable (just remove the sash). Also, the hat can be worn with different outfits. It was a super fun project -- I can't wait to make another kind for the next baby shower.

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Halloween in advance!


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