27 October 2014

The King of Pop

Happy new week everyone! Just last Thursday, we threw a baby shower for a friend at work. She's expecting a baby boy in mid-November. As a gift, each member of the team had to decorate a plain onesie -- something that the baby could use and still had a personal stamp. Collectively, we would have 12 decorated onesies for her.

It was a little daunting at first, but everyone agreed that they had fun making their little outfits.

Here's how I turned a plain onesie from blah to TADA!

First, I decided on a concept. A repeating pattern like stars? Iron-on letters that spell "Adorable"? Some cute embroidery? Then I decided to tread on fantasy territory.

Why not make a Michael Jackson onesie?! Above are my sketches. I wanted the final look to be iconic Michael Jackson. You know, like his military jacket or the one he wore in his Thriller video. Or maybe his song titles that can cheekily refer to the baby like "Rock with You", "Dangerous", "Bad", "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)" or "Smooth Criminal". Or maybe his title as the "King of Pop".

But if one decides to make a Michael Jackson outfit, one rightfully has to go all out.

via Posh 24
Here is the photo that inspired it all. 

I sewed on gold buttons at the shoulders. Then I used a glitter gold fabric paint with a puffy finish for detail on the sleeves.

I used the same gold paint to embellish the chest/tummy area (make sure to put cardboard inside the onesie to keep the paint from seeping through).

Then I let the paint dry overnight.

I found this gold ribbon that I would turn into a sash.

I used glitter blue fabric paint to add the ticking detail on the sash (I also let this dry overnight). I attached the sash with safety pins so mommy can easily remove it -- I know it's not safe for baby.

And here it is, my mini Michael Jackson onesie! TADA!

To complete the look, I made some accessories, too. Stop by tomorrow and Wednesday to see!


  1. This is SINCERELY the cutest baby outfit I have ever seen.


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