28 October 2014

White Socks, Black Shoes

Hi there! Yesterday, I showed you how I made this Michael Jackson-inspired onesie

I made it as a baby shower present for a friend. But since it's Halloween on Friday and if you need a last minute costume for your baby, this might just work! 

via The New York Times
I wanted to add a few accessories to the outfit such as the white socks and black shoes that Michael Jackson is known for. This article explains the look: "There were the show-biz tricks, the soft-soled black loafers and shortened trousers and the white socks used to direct the eye to a dancer’s footwork — a move Mr. Jackson picked up from Fred Astaire."

And so I bought a pair of baby socks.

I wanted to paint on the shoes onto the socks, similar to these baby girl's Mary Jane socks. I then made a pattern out of cardboard.

Following the pattern, I covered the upper section of the socks with painter's tape.

The goal is to make the shoes look like loafers. 

I put some cardboard inside each sock to prevent the paint from bleeding into the other side. Then I began to cover the exposed sides with black fabric paint with a foam brush.

I did about three coats on each side and I let it dry overnight.

After peeling off the painter's tape, I now have mini Michael Jackson footwear. TADA!

Please stop by tomorrow for another accessory and to see the whole look.

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