08 June 2015

A Pink Carpet

And just like that, it's June. How did that happen? Summer officially starts in three weeks but before the season turns, I want to give an ode to spring.

Enjoying the cherry blossoms has always been a springtime ritual. I've used cherry blossoms as a muse for watercolor, card making, wreath assemblage, and gift wrapping

This time, I'm inspired by the pink carpet formed when the petals are blown away from the tree.

It's art by nature!

I'll try to capture this beauty with watercolor and collage.

A few shades of gray for the background.

A new sheet, this time in shades of pink.

When the paint dries, I cut out tiny petals.

Then I glue these on the paper that I painted gray. 

I made sure to form some full cherry blossoms as a hint on what the artwork is about.

TADA! My take on nature's pink carpet.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

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