01 June 2015

Coloring for Grown-ups

Hello everyone! Did you like coloring books as a child? Thick coloring books with a big box of crayons were one of my favorite things as a little girl.

Did you know that there are coloring books made especially for grown-ups? You can read about them right here and here. It's a pretty recent trend and there are even coloring book parties where adults can socialize and get in touch with their artsy side.

Who wouldn't want to do this activity that's both therapeutic and nostalgic?

I decided to try it out with these postcards. 

I chose an art nouveau theme.

Instead of crayons, I'm using ink.

The marker's fine tip helps fill in the thin details.

I like the repetitive pattern of this postcard. 

I used a combination of marker tips to add color.

The bold hues really stand out.

This garden scene felt more calm so I used colored pencils in pastel shades.

Yes, the leaves of my plants are blue! No rules here.

Blank pages that I transformed from blah to TADA!


  1. I love this! The idea of doing something creative that we used to do as kids IS very therapeutic and relaxing. I recently did pretty much this same thing with a sticker book when I got stressed out about something and it was a wonderful diversion.

  2. Hi Rochelle! A sticker book sounds superb...I love that idea! :)

  3. Talk about serendipity, I just happened upon this very thing at Michael's yesterday and decided to get it to help me relax after a long day. The amazing part is today I was just perusing your past posts and came across this one. Wow! Talk about coincidence. Guess I'm meant to follow your blog a little more closely. Thanks!


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