25 June 2015

Fancy Paper Cuts

I hope, like me, you're getting the hang of paper cutting.

I'm learning a lot from this book.

Today I'll teach you a type of layered fold called the quadruple fold

Using a square sheet of paper (this one is 5 inches by 5 inches), fold the paper in half so each end meets and forms a triangle.

Fold this in half.

And fold again a third time.

I drew a pattern based from the book.

Then I cut on the lines using scissors or an Xacto knife and unfolded the paper to reveal this star. TADA!

This other one is a wreath of autumn leaves. Aren't they pretty?

Now that we have learned the basics of paper cutting, we can be more experimental with types of paper like old envelopes or book pages. We can then turn these into greeting cards or party decorations. TADA!

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


  1. I've really enjoyed these paper cutting posts... getting inspired to do some cutting myself once I get some nice paper. (Although of course, my fear is that I'll end up underneath a pile of paper decorations that I don't know what to do with!)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rochelle! It can be quite addicting! :)


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