22 June 2015

Project: Paper Cutting

Happy Monday! For Father's Day and Mother's Day, I tried my hand at paper cuts. It's a craft I want to explore further.  

At the library, I found the book Creative Paper Cutting. It's a compilation of projects by Japanese crafters like Mari Kumada and Hiromi Koike. They're pretty simple to follow.

To begin, here are some supplies we'll need: a self-healing mat, ruler, pencil, Xacto knife, sharp pointed scissors, and a stapler.

And of course, we'll need paper. 

All this week, I'll share with you the basic folds, starting with this one: the single accordion fold.

Trim the paper into a square. This one is 5 inches by 5 inches. Fold the paper in half vertically.

On one side, draw or trace your desired design (this is a pattern from the book).

Cut on the lines with a sharp pair of scissors.

Unfold to reveal a mirror image of the design. TADA!

Here are a few other designs that I tried. Easy, right?

Please drop by tomorrow for another paper cutting technique. Have a nice day!

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