30 November 2015

Advent Calendar Ideas

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Now, Chirstmas is upon us.

A friend of mine and I were talking about advent calendars and how she wanted to make one for her two year old.

And that's all I've been thinking about. Advent calendars.

The idea is to make a countdown to Christmas day. It's exciting because a small gift is opened each day (day 1 to day 24). But I do like the idea of an activity that the whole family can enjoy, or performing a random act of kindness, or reading a new book leading up to Christmas.

Here are a few cool ideas:

via everyday miracles
Using matchboxes

via lapin blu
Gifts hanging from an embroidery ring (or wreath)

via gotlandsliv
Lunch bags

via oh happy day
Trees and tiny boxes

via la petite cuisine
Using a tree branch

via the fox and star
Origami paper and washi tape

via hometalk
A shoe organizer

via parents
A baking pan and colorful paper

I hope you're feeling inspired to make your own using everyday materials that turn blah to TADA!

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